Friday, October 24, 2008

It was a fun day in school & after school.
In school...
Yvonne's 18th birthday.
We gave her a surprise with a unexpected birthday cake.
It was actually super obvious that we were planning something.
Esp when ONE SPOILER ask Yvonne to acc her to the toilet, when she has nv asked Yvonne to acc her before. And, that's when the candles and everything is lighted and ready. So we waited for awhile more then Yvonne came in with the very shocked and touched face.
She dropped her tears!!! Hahah:) Stupid her.
Continue lesson and cut the cake during our break.
Make a fun of Yvonne by putting the cake cream on her face.
& she got her revenge and I got my punishment with cream on my hair! Haha:)
Had our fun:)

Lessons ended early, chatted in school for awhile.
Leave sch at 3pm.
Headed to Orchard.
Went to Taka see the sales over there. Help Rayne to search for her transparent Guess bag and Ah Ma wanted Guess wallets. Both can't find. Then, me and Chris went to eat some noodles. I had omelette fried noodles. We followed by eating macarons. Nice! I tried the vanilla with strawberry one. I think bakerzin macarons are nice. Then, acc Chris to Paragon to job interview.
Met her friend in the shop then the manager or whoever came, ask a few quest only. Then, we went to bought tickets, met Huifen, went Heeren, met Lynette, ate dinner at Thai Express. I wanted to save money but i doesn't have much choice. We were rushing for the movie. Ate dong fen. Went Cine, missed a little bit of the movie.
Butterfly Lover is more of a comedy show to me. Not so touching... & Wu Zun is shuai but his hair looks funny. Hahaha:) I rate 3 out of 5 for this movie bah :)
Head back to Heeren for cam-whore agn. Everytime Heeren toilet, but this time round still Heeren but not toilet anymore.
Here are some random picked pictures.

That's all. And today was a long day of lesson but still made it through. Have another long day tmr from 10am till 6pm. No plans for tmr night yet. Meetup or not? Waiting for people to msg me to confirm.
& good news... I have sort of found a new job but haven confirm yet. Having a interview next week thurs at Central. Once confirm shall let everyone know and it's gonna be the time which I can start spending my money agn! WUHOOO!
Bye people,
gisiang. andiloveMEETINGUP.

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