Wednesday, October 08, 2008

today just came back from chalet- vonne's & singyee's bday celebration.
pictures will be uploaded when i get from singyee.
all photos taken with her dslr agn. and all are having fun with her dslr. hahah:)
sleep at 11am
wake up 3pm
that was a short NAP??!! not a sleep?!!
meet up with singyee , vonne & zm.
slack at amk drive-thru mac and at playground.
went hm.
no bus 13, walked to another bus stop, tried our luck taking bus 88.
we were lucky. got bus... den singyee's parents drive us hm from J8. thanks!
save money!
and i finally see doctor for my eyes. got super big tablet which i guess i need to break it to 2 or 3parts or maybe make it into bits in order to swallow. hahah:) and cream for eyes also. hope it will get better.
got to go right now.
got to work from 10am to 10.30pm tmr!
and got to rest and eat medicine. nights people.
gisiang. andihate MEDICINE. andilove FRIENDS.

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