Tuesday, October 28, 2008

an annoucement to made...
BYE IKEA on 26/10.

bye apron, hat & name tag

bye shoes
a very worn out shoes, wearing it since i started working at ikea. a 5months shoes
bye locker57.
no longer gna open this locker agn. my stinked locker

it's my longest job. 5months... survived through, not so easy.
no longer washing cloth, wipping table, putting stocks, carry heavy products, serving hotdogs, facing stupid demanding customers.
i can now paint my nails with bright colours, have more time, rest, slack, protect my hands, hand cream everyday, rest my tired legs.
bye Ikea.
So, now shall just pload some photos that are taken that day. I'm so lazy tp upload all and I'm afraid my friends couldn't see the pics agn. So, not gna upload much.
Friday, went to Vivo City to get a mask from Daiso reccomended by Karen. That's the main purpose. Shop around, have dinner, photo-taking. Then, meeting Vonne and clique at Bishan Active at 10.30pm, but I was late plus there is something happened in between. Elaine lo.... card no money. Hahaha:) We got chased out of Bishan Active by police, so went to another bball court. Played a little that night. Went hm around 3am. Then, nx day work and nothing much for Saturday.

Anyway, Chris and Elaine said that I look slutty in some of the pics. Hahah:) I don't really know which are those pics. The pics are randomly picked. But I'm not slutty hor:( Hahah.
Sunday, work morning shift. Ended work at 5pm, waited for Elaine. Went to eat mango ice. Not bad, $2 only. Went to Queentown shopping center to shop for my Adidas or Puma shoes. However, it is not as cheap as what I saw at Vivo. I prefer the Puma de, $70. Got to wait for pay before I can get it. Hahah:) Then, went to TPY to have dinner at MOS burger, then went hm. Reached hm at 8.45pm and I need to meet Singyee 9.30pm. I thought I could get a rest before going out agn but I only washed hair, washed face and need to go out agn le.
We took bus 54, then meet everyone and went to Clark Quey- Drinking Place. Not much people at the pub. That night intend to open one bottle Martell only, cos all like no money or what. Then in the end drink so fast then opened another bottle. Some of them still drink shots, luckily I nv drink cos' no money also. If drink, then I need to pay 43$ in total. Now, I pay 36$ only. Hahah:)
And, that night, we met a really cool magician-Chris. He has a lot of magics and we just met him by chance and he even teached us 2rubber band magic. Some of the magic is really so magical that I can't even know how he did it. All those words like OH MY GOD, WHAT THE FCUK, CRAZY, INCREDIBLE and bla bla bla came out from our mouth.... haha:) If you people want to see magic, maybe you all could go there every Sat or weekends and see if you could meet this guy. He learns magic since age of 4 and now he is 37yrs old but he looks like 20plus, serious....
Let me master the magic and show it to you people.... Hahah:)
That day drank quite a lot, but still alright. It was the most enjoyable night I have. Much more fun than Halo bar. We left Drinking Place at abt 3.30am. Slack at the river there till 6am then went hm. Took some pics, let's see....

That's abt it.
There is school tmr. Gna slp. 3days just pass so fast.
Bye people.
Gisiang. andiloveMagic.

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