Sunday, October 05, 2008

finally after the continuous 3 working days.

i'm tired, yet happy.



chalet is coming! hahah:)

tmr can meet up with singyee and vonne to get the bbq things and preparation for chalet. yes!

hope this chalet everyone will enjoy !!! so tmr buy things. mon , tue chalet!


thanks karen for helping me to collect the camera!

thanks elaine for taking the camera from karen!

thanks! hahah:)

tmr shall get the camera from elaine.

and karen said the camera is smaller than her palm!!!!

and, i really cant believe it. i think i got to see it for myself. hahah:)

shld be damn cute. haahha:) my mini holga!

then, i think tmr going to get the film is possible.

i think that's all for now. want to shit le. hahah:)

shall update soon. probably tues? haha:)

gisiang. andilovemynails!

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