Monday, October 20, 2008

It has been a few days since I last blogged. I've been always busy:)
Shall start from tue...
Went to elaine's new hse. BIG HSE! She has got a really nice and comfortable sofa that i fell asleep. Hahah.
Little conflicts within class, but i guess it's fine now.

Went out with ah ma, chris, sujun, huifen.
We went to Central, had our dinner opposite Central.
Bat Kut Teh!
We ordered 3bowls of youtiao.
It's so nice to soak the youtiao in the soup.
I guess it is a very traditional way of eating, cos' i guess not much people know to eat it this way.
But that's how people in Malaysia eat. Hahah:)
Then, walked to Chinatown to check out Pearl at work.
Pearl treated us drinks. It was nice! Thanks Pearl!

Our Drinks from Pearl

That's all. And, Fri was as planned.
Went to Bishan Active.
Jer, Vonne, Sy, Yh, Zm, Jj, Mel, Kel, Adam, Hs.
As usual, poker & bball.
Went hm at 2plus am.
Walked and reached hm at abt 3am.
Slept a few hrs then went to work agn.
Wasn't tiring at first, as the time passes till night, I'm really tired.
The first time after yrs, I slept at abt 9.45pm till the next morning and went to work agn.
And today work, counting down the days to end my job....
A bit sad cos' no money to spend le.
Anyway, tmr have a trip outside sch and guess shall have many pictures to upload agn.
Bye people, it getting late.
gisiang. andiloveBishanActive:)

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