Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When i woke up in the morning, I dun feel like going to com skills.
I'm so tired, cos watched show last night and slept late. But in the end I still woke up and went sch. Leave the miss class chance for another time. Hahah:)
Studio lesson was brought forward to 12pm.
It was a easy lesson. Just discuss some weird combinations of verbs and a object like waxing cloth and stretching glue. Hahaah:) It is always such a fun lesson. Class ended at 2.15pm. Then, me and karen stayed back to sch to did our studio. We need to blow paint. It was very last minute, so we got everything from Lee Soo Ching and Rostina. However, we tried & we failed. Somemore still dirty the lift lobby, cos' the paint pour on the floor and wall. Haha:)
After that, I took bus13 hm, wanted to save money but in the end..... RAIN & then I got to change bus at bishan st22 so that I don't need to walk such a long distance before I can reached hm.
Reached hm, slack, watch tv, take nap.
Watched bu liang xiao hua. This ep is nice but the nx ep is even nicer! Hahah:) I think Rainie Yang is super cute lo. Hahah:)
Looked at some agnesB spree. I loved this gold colour wallet. The coin purse also damn nice la. But definitely not gonna get the coin purse cos' I love my coach de more than agnesB de. I think can consider the wallet. But say so much.... I don't have money le. Damn sad. And I'm suffering la. Even tmr go out watch movie de money also mother give de. Hahah:) But nvm, nx time pay her back lo. I really needa job if I want to buy the things I want. Cravings for more & more things and all are expensive. I want that Charles & Keith bag-$55.90. I can't even think of going out, cos' going out means spending money. Hais, sad.
Anyway, gonna slp soon. Wanted to do mask, but so late le and I'm tired too.
Gonna catch Butterfly Lovers tmr with friends. Meetup Meetup Meetup!
gisiang. andihateLIFEwithoutmoney

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