Thursday, October 09, 2008

what's going on in this world.
somehow feel so affected by last night meetup at halo.
so not happy.
so not good.
until now, the feeling still stays.
silent is not tired.
once agn, after yrs..
why start agn when you have stopped.
tears flood lat night, people cried.
but why? must it everytime be like this.
must it be so unhappy everytime?
why cant our meetups be happy?
does it mean have guys, have love relations involve mean sadness.
all emo.
i piad 15$ to watch a show last night.
to see people crying.
see people go crazy??!! shout, throw bottles and stuff?
i rather not going. it was totally a waste of money. i won't ever go halo agn.
stop bringing emotions outside.
stop getting drunk.
once drunk, you people don't know what the hell are you all doing.
it applies to all.
i swear i won't ever get drunk. i would not let myself drunk.
drunk doesn't make things better, doesn't make things right, doesn't make anyone feel better.
so what's the point.
simple life. enjoy life. live it great.
i don't give a damn to anything!?! i don't know. perhaps.
but last night i does feel not happy.
not happy you smoke. very not happy.
do't know why also.
that's it.
and i seriously hate my swollen eyes. not getting any better with the medicine.
and i think i want to change my blog to a livejournal. totally moodless to do anything right now. except just keep on typing. typing like....... crazy.
i want to enjoy my last bits of the holiday.
i want to get coach coin purse. with swollen eyes, don't feel like going out.
if my eyes is not swollen, i will definitely go out and buy the coach coin purse.
what's wrong with my eyes....
sian life.
i got to go bathe le.
gisiang. andihate SWOLLEN EYES.

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