Thursday, September 04, 2008

thanks GFs for giving me the adidas watch! hahah:) have received it!
thanks to elaine, karen, chris, ah ma, rayne, yvonne, sujun and huifen. really thanks! haha:) will wear it de! loves.
ystd went to amk to meet singyee and then vonne and clique of friends. slack there. talk, play swing and walk into the super dark amk park.... i can't see esp when walking down the stairs. haha:) slack den HEART TO HEART talk. den reached home at abt 4.30am! that was late! oh my... hahah.
getting yellow HOLGA 110 camera. hoping to get the HOLGA 120 but is more expensive. so get holga110 first. see how's the effect then consider holga120... hahah.

love is in the air.
love surrounds.
love is so complex, hard to understand.

gisiang. andithanksforthePRESENTS!

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