Saturday, September 06, 2008

just reach hm not long. and i missed today's episode for fated to love you. that's so not good. hahah:) gonna catch the repeat at chnl256 ltr at 2.30 and slp straight away after the show. still got to work tmr. but luckily after tmr, it will be my rest day.
today went to work as usual and doing the same old thing as the pass three days which is super sian. totally no life okays? selling cookie is like super boring. actually got some pics that can upload. but i'm like super lazy to upload right now. perhaps some other day? hhahah:) but luckily tmr i don't have to sell the cookies anymore. i'm not the one doing the sales of cookies! haha:) and tmr start work at 1pm which is so good. haha. i can slp for more hrs:) dark circls have been coming out! ANY GOOD DARK CIRCLES MASKS OR CREAM, PLS LET ME KNOW. i think i really need to get some of those. hahah:)
then, after work met singyee, shop around then meet yinghui, then have dinner at gelare. haha:) have my LOVED mushroom pasta agn! yeah:) and met vonne after her work, cabbed to AMK drive-thru mac. slack, chit-chat... then went hm. and today i bought a SUNDAY tee from stitch. shall wear it on a sunday! hahah:)
love surrounds, sadness filled their hearts.
stay happy always , friends.
gisiang, andiloveHAPPINESS:)

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