Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ystd meet up with my classmates! so... many many pictures were taken and i'm really tired... upload tonnes of pic, spending hrs to upload. and this is all from my cameras. as for those from elaine's and ah ma's camera, i shan't upload. i think they wil upload. and i'm really lazy to upload anymore.

happy viewing, slowly viewing:)
my latte ART! heart-shape okay?

i'm the one taking the photos....

yvonne's dessert
ah ma's and chris's dessert
huifen's dessert

my dessert
sujun's dessert

karen act FIERCE??!! haha:)

latest HAIR STYLE! center parting! cool man! hahah:)

chris, pls don't hate me! this is taken by karen !!!

wanted to act CHEN WEI MING! but i failed.... haha:) karen best!!!

2nd trail of chen wei ming! hahha:)

funny idiot face!
evil karen!

sujun's dinner

my omelette rice with bacon!!! hahah:) yummy!

elaine's dinner! unagi set!

ah ma's scallop ramen!

there's another person who order the same as ah ma! but i forgot who! but this 2 bowls are different de okay! the egg de position is different!

chris's curry chicken omelette rice! and she didn't know she ordered chicken! she thought it was fish!!! haha:)

our shared potato and cheese! not bad!

karen's dinner, dunno what isit also. everything 'cham 'together! haha:)
got salmon, got scallop, got egg then dont' know still got what la... hahah:)

okays:) that's abt it. the pictures is in a mess, no order alright! haha:)
it was a nice dinner! haha:) just 2 plus hrs and we took so many pic! haha:) enjoyed!
after dinner, went to meet singyee and clique.
went to watch BABYLON at amk. we were abit late, so missed the front part. but at least still manged to know what is the movie abt. haha:) it was a really short movie. not bad, quite nice. however, it was quite a random ending. hahah:) slack and chat at mac till 2am then singyee's bro came and sent us home. hahah:) thanks! save money on cab!
friday gonna meet up with them agn! a photo taking session with them! yeah!
anyway, today wake up super late. wake up at 3pm, ate my lunch , watch tv, 6pm sleep agn!
i think i'm a lazy fat pig! hahahha:)
tmr got to work agn!
gisiang. andiamaLAZYPIG!

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