Monday, September 15, 2008

a emo post last night, but that was ystd and over with it.

today was a happy day out with huifen, lynette and chris.
we went to cine kbox. and, it's so funny with the joker huifen and seriously, both of them can sing quite well!!! haha:) lynette, louder pls! hahah:) she got a really sweet voice. huifen, the super high pitch, ACT CUTE and etc... voice. huifen got that UNBEATABLE voice!!! hahah:) she is a portable mic okays? hahha:) and, she is so sweet! she made a card for me and karen for our birthday which have already passed! but, what matter most is the handmade card. so unexpected. thanks for the masks too! loves. loads of chats, laugthers plus huifen's ' BA LIAO' haha:) there is a lot of photos to upload but i have yet to receive them. so shall just upload with what i've got. hahah:)
and, a very happy mid-autumn festival to all.
i have all the fun last night with candles and sparkes.
having fun on the swings, with the sands. hhaha:)
however, tonight the sending of files is rather slow and my msn is always so crazy, cant receives files sometimes. so only able to upload parts of the photos. shall upload more picture asap.

pictures on 13/09- mid-autumn, slacking at amk.

pictures on 14/09- kbox session with huifen, lynette and chris, dinner at 'xingwang'

it was a fun day and finally a post with so many pictures alright.
and i'm so looking forward to meeting my classmates on coming tuesday night.
it's a ladies night! gonna have dinner at a very nice japanese resturant. they got very nice dessert. dessert is gonna be a must must on that night. right, karen??! uh... hahah:)
see my classmates on tuesday night!
gisiang. andilovemyFRIENDS.

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