Friday, September 05, 2008

today work from 10am to 10.30pm agn! OMG! and, is super sian cos' all along is promote and sell Hari Raya cookies. and, the worst thing is i have been doing this for 2days and tmr gonna be the 3rd day to promote and sell this cookies. SUPER SIANS:(
tmr working from 10-6 den after that going out with singyee and clique. but dunno go where yet also. and, my ikea pay for last month is in!! YEAH! got money to spent le:) and finally order holga cam le. tmr going to transfer the money to the buyer! hahah:) hope to get the camera asap!
now watching fated to love you on scv agn! haha:) got to go...
updating very soon.
gisiang. andihateSELLINGcookies

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