Tuesday, September 16, 2008

time to upload pictures agn. this is all i have received for now. all the pictures on kbox have been uploaded but still left some pictures on mid-autumn festival de haven upload. cause i'm still unable to have the pictures. stupid msn is so slow.

happy viewing people:)

it was a smoky night with the sparkles. somehow the sparkles let off a lot of smokes, but don't know why also. hahah:)
however, it was a pretty night with the sparkles.

photos of kbox and etc.

my beutiful long nails with huifen beautiful long hair! so envy her. i want her long hair!

that's abt it. short day. working. boring day. reach hm. tired. slp. watch 3 different taiwan dramas continuous! super shiok la. enjoy my life!
anyway, results is out!
last time i always won't feel much even if i know results is out. but this time round my heart is beating fast, don't really dare to see my results. perhaps is b'cos i have put in a lot of efforts in my studio this time round. expecting too much??!! i hope to get a A for studio. however still cannot. maybe i need another sem or more time to get a A. in the end, i still got a B+. my best results is event concepts and design. i got dist, but it was as expected. b'cos i was told by larry that i score well for that module. so not much of surprise also. the rest was so so. at the B and C range. and didn't care so much for other module too. that's abt it for the results.

current addict to song... luo zhi xiang- 做得到

gisiang. andilove SHOWS.

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