Sunday, August 31, 2008

totally sleep till naturally wake up. hahah:) that's was one of the best thing i wish for bah.
wake up, eat lunch, slack, watch tv, watch show , till i felt that i really got nothing to do. i sleep ang.
wake up have dinner den watch tv agn. wanted to paint nails but lazy. hahah:)
recently, my internet really sucks. keep on can't online and dunno whats the reason. but now is working fine. hope it can remain like this. hahah:)
tmr gonna meet chris and ah ma to go to IT fair. as i have promise chris to accompany her to go and get her laptop. haha:) and gonna meet singyee for dinner and meet vonne for supper i guess??!! hahah:) but going hm early tmr night cos i'm gonna have a busy and crazy week after tmr! busy working like hell.. hahha. but it is definitely be better as i have more money to spent and assure that i got money during my 2bestie, singyee and vonne bday in october! haha:) so might be blogging lesser?? i don't know. hahah.
gonna do some other stuff now. and slping soon ...
bye people:)
gisiang. andiloveSLEEPING:)

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