Tuesday, September 09, 2008

back to blog.
just finished watching 'hot shot' ep7. hhaha:)
and, i guess i shld be slping very soon. tmr still working. working 3 days straight. but tmr got thai fish to eat! hahah:) happy. loves fish!
today nv meet singyee and ppl. from ikea go to amk really so not convenience. i'm just lazy to travel there. anyway, shall meet up with you ppl very soon.

a interesting happening.....
i was on the bus, on my way to ikea. then, a CJC student alight the bus. then the bus driver drove off and suddenly a person knocked on the window really hard and loud. hahah. then, it was the CJC student, then, the bus stopped and he went up to the second level of the bus. guess what he left behind???! he left his whole bag on the bus! can you believe it? haha:) how can someone forget to take a bag? hahah:) although i do tend to leave things behind but i won't leave such a huge item behind. hahah:) i can rmb me forgetting to take my A3 file home and until i reach home then i realise. i guess that shld be the biggest item i left behind. haha:)

i have received my next week work schdule. not bad.. quite easy and time is short. not as so fierce as this 2 weeks. haha:) and shall have a meetup with classmate probably next week and telemarketing friends this sunday! hahaha:)
that's all for today.
gisiang. andiloveFISH:)

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