Saturday, September 27, 2008

today went out with vonne and yinghui to buy singyee's birthday present! haha:) buy wad?? cannot say now. hahah
and wad??? my nets got no money agn. hahah. buy present till no money. hahha. tonight de dinner also like got no money to pay la. hahah
then, buy finish, met up with singyee and jonathan to have dinner at chomp chomp. haha
waited for tables agn. but this time was quite fast. hahah. didn't wait for too long.
had dinner, took bus back to AMK. chat and slack at mac. hahah. then took bus hm agn. SAVE MONEY! hahah.
tmr got to work and my shift was changed to 1pm to closing instead of working in the morning. haha:) can slp slightly more.
that's all for today.
work gonna get busier.
and, there are more events coming up... look forward.
slping soon. bye people.
gisiang. andilove 'DUDE & BABE'

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