Saturday, September 20, 2008

ystd was a fun night outside.
after work met singyee at bus stop then bused to Vivo.
met vonne, jer, jj and kelvin over there.
all emo, so quiet. haha. then me and singyee went to take photos with her new DSLR.
seriously, i would recommend ppl out there to get a DSLR if you really can afford it! it's really good. just the colours, oh man, is damn nice. hahah:) plus the effect... hohoho:) however, of cos, it is the PRICE you got to pay! haha:)
after Vivo, me and singyee ate mac, then cabbed to Changi Airport T3. haha:) just the cab fare alone is already 20plus$. but whatever, at least we enjoyed. haha:)
T3 as compared to T1 and T2, it is really more grand than the others. T1 abd T2 got a 'old' smell. haha:) T3 is so 'glass' . eveything is so clear , so glass. hahah. if you all go there then you all should know what i'm talking abt. haha:)
then, we took shuttle bus to T2. big difference from T3. most different is the counters. oh man.. pink and purple conbination. super not class. hhaha:) chat, rest, JOKE . then, have our breakfast at Burger King. it's been a long time since i ate B.K breakfast. hhah:) then, took train to T3 agn and finally took bus back to bishan interchange. the journey was super long. more than an hr of bus journey, butt and legs were numbed. hahah:) super uncomfortable okay! hahah:) but we made it! we wanted to alight the bus at seragoon and cabbed hm. luckily, we didn't! SAVE MONEY! haha:)
reach hm, slp till 3pm. 6.30pm slept agn and wake up at 8.30pm. and now blogging.
shall get the pics from singyee soon.
however, i'm definitely not going to post all. cos the pic size is gonna be damn big. abt 3MB for one pic. haha:)

a happy night out.
gisiang. andiloveDSLR.

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