Sunday, June 08, 2008

ystd went to cut my hair with elaine at yishun, at ah ma hse there. hahha:)
didn't know wad to cut actually. i just wanted to cut away the fly fly part. so saw this pic in those hair magazine den just cut that. i have been thinking if want to cut bang. haha:) so in the end cut.

ystd also accompany elaine to pierce ear. hahha:) so cheap! 4$ per hole. haha.
pics!!! elaine cut le, but i haven cut, still waiting for my turn.

actually still got like 3more pics. but got prob uploading agn and i'm tired.
TADA!... this is after i cut hair. and photos are taken today.

that's all i have for the pictures.
today i have finally completed 'qiang wei zhi lian', completed as in finish watching!
ahah:) this show a bit boring la. but since start liao den jiu watch finish lo. but got a really good and nice ending!!! hahha:) gna start watching another HK show. got ah wang acting in that show also. hahha:) maybe start watching tmr bah.
that's all.
gisiang. andilove watchingSHOW.

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