Monday, June 23, 2008

okays. it's 2.41am. and i just finishing watching 'fated to love you' . i got to say, it's super duper nice! hahah:) so tempted to watch the next ep. but i got to wait for another week. every week ep is like so exciting. OMG! haha:) that's how crazy i am in this show.
just now went to bbq at yinghui hse downstair. hahah:) is a really mini bbq. only got 6 of us. but ate we ate is super full. i eat until want to vomit. hahah:) cos tonnes of photos to upload. but shall upload it tmr if i got time. the lamb chop we have is very nice. hahha:)
tmr after sch, come hm still got to do 2 sections drawing. damn sian. and i think i will be dead for tmr studio. did nothing. just like 3photo??!! to show. sucks:( work until like siao. den nv do my work. but i hope i can really focus on my studio and do it the best. to me, i think my one is really hard to work on. but i got to choice but to do it.
tmr still got to wake up early. bye people.
gisiang. andiloveFATEDTOLOVEYOU.

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