Tuesday, June 17, 2008

finally can sleep till as late as i want. today wake up at 2.45pm. so happy! hhah.
chat with my mother abt her trip to HK and china. den abit lazy to go out, plus raining den go site also very troublesome. so in the end nv meet chris. i stayed at hm and finish up my shows instead.
meet vonne at night after dinner. chat quite alot of stuff abt my IT fair happenings. we went to pizza hut. wanted to eat ice cream but in the end the person tell us 'THE ICE CREAM IS MELTING.' den we laughed. cos' normally people will say the fridge spoilt or wad mah. haha:)
den we went to nebo. want to eat ice cream den one waiter tell us only got drinks. den the drinks got nothing special den before we even decide wad to drink. got another waiter tell us, 'WE ARE CLOSING IN 5MIN TIME.' haha. den we so paiseh. den we just leave. den go mac cafe drink double choc. hahha:) still the best. but drink le very full. den jonathan join us in mac cafe. talk abt his anti-virus sales. haha:) den went hm at 11.30pm.
quite a happy chatting day :)
anyway, finally got this month 'SEVENTEEN' . shall read it on the way to work tmr. haha:)
another sian day for tmr. gonna work and stand for long hrs.
that's all. bye people.
gisiang. andihateSTANDING.

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