Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'M LUCKY! :) perhaps just for today?

now is 1.09am! and i just reach hm not long.

today went to sch. short lesson. den discuss abt the entreprenuer work. den went to harbour front to measure the site for one of our projects. haha:) while measuring, ate a GREEN TEA MACFLURRY. hahah:) and also found the cheapest ADIDAS perfume which is selling at just $9 !!!! hahah:) got some probs with the site so did not manage to measure finish.

went to KIM GARY. i ate another set meal as my dinner! i'm not hungry at all. but just eat it as my dinner. find myself like a pig!!! haha:) cos when work today only got 15min break. haha:)

HOW I WISH I DID NOT WORK TODAY, SO THAT I COULD SHOP ALL I WANT AT VIVO! MISS VIVO:) long time nv go there ler. but also got no money la. hahah:) still owe people money. sians. faster get my pay, clear my debts, buy the things i want!

thanks elaine and chris! they acc. me to work. acc me to ikea! hahha:) thanks chris and huifen! waiting for me to end work. after work went to HK cafe' xing wang ' to drink 'ying yong' AGN AGN AND AGN!!! THAT IS THE SECOND CUP OF YINGYONG OF THE DAY! PREVIOUSLY DRINK ONE AT KIM GARY, DEN NOW AT XING WANG! HAHAH:) anyway, hope huifen got catch her bus and huifen and chris wont get scolded by their parents bah.

me andd huifen manage to catch the last second bus??!! to queentown mrt station. catch the last train to city hall. just nice a train come at raffles place, den went in and take all the way down to bishan. catch the last bus 410green at 12.35am. I'M LUCKY! can my luck continue .... i really hope it will.

you can see from the pictures. i'm at a super dark room right now using my lappy. cos got air con!!! haha:) become like ah ma like that. haha:)

hat's all for the day. shall upload pics of today if possible tmr.

gisiang. andilove SHOPPING!


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