Friday, June 20, 2008

today is a better day! hahah:)
work from 5pm to 10.30pm. can wake up late late so happy. so today wake up at abt 1.30pm. go bathe, watch 'fang yang de xing xing' , den prepare to go to work liao. hahah:)
i think my work place got this guy call alvin. i think he very kua zhang lor. he say till like he damn pro la. although he work for 2yrs le. but he is still a part timer mah.
i tell him ' the buns very hot.' den he didnt bother to help me change to the cooler ones. he still say ' i used to it liao. to me is not hot!!!' wtf. who cares... i'm a girl leh. not gentlemen at all... how come i always meet not gentlemen de people.
however.... at least still got one kind soul. hahah:) which is kwoh hong. at least when i said the same thing to him, he help me change the buns okays, not like the alvin.
however, i realise working early is good. cos at least can go hm early den when go hm that time also more safe. but bad thing is that i got to wake up early. and is super early like 5.30am!!!
but... work at night, i can sleep late. but i got to work till later than 10.30pm. cos like can't finishing cleaning all the things on time. PLUS, I GOT TO DO WASHING!!! which i hate most. hahaha:) LOTION LOTION !!! den go hm at night also not safe, cos still need to walk a long distance before i reach hm.
tonight, must thanks sham for sending me and 3other girls hm. hahah:) save money on transport!!!
okays. still got loads of things to finish. and i think i got to chiong tmr. try to finish asap. or else can't have fun on sunday!!! hahha:) hope this sunday will be a happy , fun, nice day!
lastly, today i damn paiseh. went for dinner alone. den i dunno how to walk to the restaurant at 2nd level. OMG! den i went back to the cafe to ask for directions. by the time i find my way, 5mins has gone. and i tot i got 1/2 an hour break. in the end, i only got 15min. rushed! ate jus veg and rice. chicken chop eat 2 mouth nia. sommor total got 2piece of chicken. such a waste! haha:)
bye people. i think you guys feel bored bah. all words. but no choice. my camera is rotting!

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