Thursday, June 19, 2008

today super paiseh. dunno how to walk to the ikea office there. cos all the gates were locked. luckily got one lady behind me. den i purposely let her walk in front of me den i follow behiind her. hahah:) damn lame. and wake up super early today. i wake up at 6am. OMG! it has been months or years since i wake up so early. so today super tired.
finally watched finish 'gu ling jing tan' ... not bad la. hahha. after i watched finish den i finally got the feel of settling down to do my work. hahah:) and i have finally and JUST complete a floor plan. dunno when den can i finish all my hmwk.....
tmr got to work agn. today learnt how to do the cashiering. okays la. still quite easy. hhaha:) tmr maybe will put and carry stocks bah. hahah:) luckily tmr i work evening. hahha:) dun need wake up early.
okays. bye people. got to do other stuff.
hope sunday bbq can be held.....
gisiang. andiloveBBQ :)

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