Tuesday, June 03, 2008

today had a new layout for our SID room. quite a lousy layout. it's a layout which i dislike.
but we still got to stick with that layout.
ended class at 3pm with sannie lesson.
den we stayed back to discuss on the entrepreneurship thing till like 4plus pm bah. den i went hm. some of them went down to orchard agn to get the transparent $5 baggie which ME, ELAINE, AH MA, CHRIS, YVONNE AND SUJUN HAVE GOTTON IT YSTD!!! hahah:)
so i came hm, eat SUAN PAN ZI! eat damn alot till like abit bloated. cos i had that for my dinner too. hahah:)
spent like hrs to complete a poster. shld be abt 4hrs bah!!! keep on changing the layout. haha:)
finally happy after hrs of doing it. and chatted with elaine on msn since i started doing my poster! haha:) thanks elaine too! nice chatting! haha:)
actually wanted to post abt ystd stuff, but cant upload the pic. i shall upload when i can.
hahah:) anyway, ystd was a happy and relax day! AND AFTER SO LONG! I FINALLY BOUGHT SOMETHING. i feel that i nv buy things so so long liao loh.
i got to go do my stuff le. bye.
gisiang. andilovemyposter!!!

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