Monday, June 09, 2008

today wake up early, prepare to go out for the ikea interview.
anyway, i got that job.
i need to work at least 2weekdays and 2weekends.
when talk about it, seriously, i don't feel like working ler. 100% don't feel like working.
i got to give up my time for watching my show and my sleep. which are 2of the most impt things in my life bah. i really feel sian. but i think i can't reject the job now. cos already applied for the job. but i think i will quit very soon. cos i don't think i want to sacrifice so much of my time just for the sake of money when i don't really need so much money.
i don't even know why i work. i really think ah ma you all damn pro. can work till like that. suddenly can feel you all that kind of suffer.
i think a IT fair can already kill me. break my legs. and im going to work for another job. am i crazy??? anyway, chris and elaine bet that i will only work for 1month den quit and we shall see... perhaps i won't even work for 1month? do you think i will really sacrifice my time and sleep for money? i only know that most prob. wont last long bah.
when i think of it now, i'm like going crazy. suddenly felt that i got alot of work to do for sch and i'm still working. i can't imagine my life. and i dun feel like thinking of it. i will just feel sian and angry with why i made such a choice. isn't happy most impt?? i'm sooooo not happy now.
money can't seems to make me happy. money can't win my show and my sleep. ARGHH!!!
so after the interview, went to simlim cos chris need to exchange her camera batt.
den walked to marina sq. den shop around den come back bishan and become auntie, go NTUC. hahah:) i go buy stuff, cos mother go overseas den need to buy food.
so today take some pics....
this is just a random pic which i taken ystd.
we are all tired!!! resting outside female toilet.

fat face!
okays. that's all. there are some pics which i have just gotten from chris, but i shall upload it another time bah.
and this few days, i feel so tired easily. don't know why also. just now i was watching show, and i watch till i feel like sleeping. haha:) too tired with all the walkings i had today bah.
gisiang. andihateWORKING. just another mistake which i had made.

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