Tuesday, June 24, 2008

firstly, will be the continuous BBQ photos.....

okays. there are actually sommor. but my files are bigger then might take more time, so i won't upload them. and i think that's enought for you people to view. hahha:)

today had lessons as usual. slack and easy lesson.
slack and slack and still slack.
pictures and pictures and still pictures.

okays. there are more pictures with elaine. maybe shall upload it tmr after i get it from her. hahah:)
after lesson, went to orchard with ah ma and chris. shop shop and still shop. bought earings and bangles. total of $7 ! haha:) but still alright la. at least not expensive stuff. haha:) and came hm and reached at at 10pm. had a really late dinner which i hate, cos it makes me feel FAT!!! haha:) but i'm already fat la. hahah:) and people, i think 'lan qiu huo' should be very nice. just watch the preview! haha:) all the main characters are shuai ge loh. hhaha:)
here is the link to the preview of 'lan qiu huo' !
i just can't wait to watch it. but of cos, ming zhong is still the best for now! hhaha:)
okays. that's all people. got to go search for a song and go slp liao. hahah:)
gisiang. andilove'LAN QIU HUO'

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