Monday, June 02, 2008

OMG! crazy crazy! watch show till crazy!!!
this week de fated to love you is so nice and touching! haha:)
nx week even better. hahah:)
anyway, i'm still waiting for my grp member to finish up the model, take pics and send it to me before i can finish the pboard and the journal.. now already 3.05am and still waiting... but got no choice.
some updates on the pass few days, i slp super late just to complete the journal and the pboards.
and i'm super duper bad luck okays!
my phone just spoilt. can't recieve or send msg. everything show' operation fails'. sucks.
den internet connection got problems during the crucial time. wanted to send files thru msn cannot. keep on fail.
den send email, attach files can't attach!!! may i know why am i so bad luck?
and i'm pek chek also loh. people ask me to do this and that.
ask me resize pics when i'm busy doing another thing.
ask me to add in pics for ppt when i think that the ppt is perfectly fine.
and do you have any idea how big is the file for one pic. i need to make the pic small is so troublesome! just so pissed off at times. but i know it's not anyone's fault. just blame that i'm unlucky.
but luckily, i got my lappy back on friday. thanks chris for accompany me to collect :) i will learn to treasure my lappy!
one thing just got REPAIRED and another which is my phone got SPOILT !
what's going on recently?
tmr got to go print pboards so early. and i'm slping so late. it's really torturing.
3 things which i can't live without with...
-my shows.
-my sleep.
-my food.
i have stuck at hm for 2days, nv go out, no pics. haha:)
hope that after this VI. i can enjoy my days! but think most prob cannot de bah....
have not read other people blog for long time. i love to have plenty of time!!!
i think this is just a long white post bah. hahah.
bye people. got to do some other stuff....
gisiang. andilovetoSLEEP.WATCH.EAT.

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