Friday, February 22, 2008


today has been a tiring day for me.
wake up at 12noon, which is quite early for me! hahah:) den meet karen and chris at 1.30. went to peizhen house to do the model. after all the pasting and cutting, i'm tired now. hahah:)
tmr going with elaine to woodlands to do some things. haha. think tmr night i need to do my model again bah. i think i will die with the cutting of the windows bah. hahah. sians. really lazy to do the things. but feel like completing as much as possible before i go to siti's birthday celebration. hahah. hope tmr i will have the mood and energy to do the model bah. hahah:)
and... i got a job offer by karen. sell laptop de. work abt 8-9hrs. 30$ basic. if sell one laptop den earn 20$. hahah. but struggling. dunno want to go work anot. scared cannot sell any lappy. hahhah. shld i go work???
okays. think that's all for today. tmr cont' to update bah.
gisiang.andihateDOINGMODEL :(

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