Saturday, February 02, 2008

drawing time

hahaha. its a saturday again. i have finally watch finish ye man nai nai. hahah. and this weekend is drawing time. damn sian. got to draw a charcoal drawing and a bicycle. hahah. so haven done any of them yet. hahah. anyways, my the other bag which i order online come liao. hahaa. so happy. think im going to get frm yinghui tmr bah. hees.. so that tues can pass to rayne. hahaha.
kaekae. just feeling a bit bored now. and tmr i need to prepare for my speech for my presentation. is really scary. hhaha. 4lecturers and 2 classes. hahaha. good luck to me!!!
shall end here first. need to go do my drawings. hahhaa.
gisiang. andifeel BORED.

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