Saturday, February 23, 2008

presents for HER!

today went to causeway point to find elaine.
did a huge bday card and bought some more presents for siti. haahh:)
she shld LOVE the presents. hahah.

did this cute little puzzles. hahah. it came in a very small box! haha. cute!
those who are going to siti bday celebration tmr, you all shall see. hahah.
204pieces takes abt 1hr plus to piece it up! hahah. not too long but the very small pieces is quite tedious. hahah.
reach hm at 8plus. have dinner. pack siti's present. hahaha.

SID PEOPLE! shall take a closer look tmr!
look forwardd to tmr!!! yeah:)) have fun and enjoyed!
but when we come back... we shall die! models to be done!!!
think i shall end here. anyways, SID0702.... shall see you people tmr! hahah.

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