Monday, February 04, 2008


today is the day for REVENGE!!!! hahahha. people will know why as you all read this post. it is a action which is held by me and ah ma!! hahaha:) we have plan this for a long time. hahahh. that karen has always been taking our ugly pics. so me and ah ma very good de. we help the class. so today we took alot of karen's funny and ugly pics and have decided to post it. karen, you shld be reading this post! hahaha. is a special edition post for you ! hahaha. happy viewing the pics!




take5. andi think you will hate me bah! hahaha.

hahha. so back to wha happen today. um, had my presentation and nothing actually goes wrong but so sian sia. when i want to present den larry, who is sean's friend just went off. and he is the one who is giving alot of comments and i really want to know how he finds my model. but.... forget it. and the old hag started to talk and ask stupid questions. we are asked to make the walls 9m den still ask why i built such a high walls when my model is so mini? DOTS. not into the sitution sia. anyways, that's the part on her commenting on my work and some other things that she said. sean didnt give lots of comment. um, but anyways, can see how i did for this project when the results comes out. hahaha. pictures were taken after the presentation. hahaha. think long time no take pics. after cut and dye hair nv take liao. hahahah.
me and elaine de couple wear! hahha.we also have couple pants and even couple shoes! hahaha.

.karen ah, pop up out of no where agn. hahaha. me and elaine look abit lost ahh. hahahah.

um, so happily after presentation, we have a so called "reunion dinner" with my classmates. hahahah:) actually got abt 11 of us going. den in the end karen no money den dun want go. den elaine also nv go. tell you all, you all shld go loh. we had very nice food over there. hahaha. so when to the largest NIHON MURA at revenue house so that the 9 of us can sits together in a table. hahaha. and thanks to kaser for booking the table. hahaha. each of us just paid $12 and we really ate very full and very nice food. i ate CHAWAMUSHI, HALF A MAIN COURSE( EGG AND CHICKEN RICE), COKE FLOAT, 3PLATES OF SUSHI, lastly, the very very nice de STRAWBERRY OREA ICE CREAM to end my dinner. hahah:) so satisfied. hahah. YUMMY ! if you all got go nihon mura, you people shld really try the strawberry orea ice cream. cos i fried de den all the strawberry and orea is blend together with the ice cream. haahh. and is cheap. only 4.90$ . hahah.
so i shall end this post. this is really a long post. and im finally free!
shld i go look for my new yr clothes tmr? oh man, i only got one pants for this new yr.
kaekae. bye peoples. i going to watch my shows!
gisiang. andiloveNIHONMURA- strawberry orea ice cream:)

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