Monday, February 11, 2008



ystd which is third day of CNY. didnt go any relatives hse ler. haha. so went to vonne hse and play cards with her family. play 2 rounds of donkey den lost $8 liao! OHH MAN! so broke loh. hahah. den pair up with vonne to play pairs den win some money back. hahah. den i ate 'dong fen xia' . hhhaha. so nice. long long time nv eat liao. den follow by 'lou yu shen' . hahah. also super nice. den went to eat with her family at satay club. and i ate 10 satays!!! haha. quite alot bahh.

at night me and vonne meet yinghui at far east and den went to singyee hse to play cards and mahjong. haha. singyee starting play cards jiu lost abt 10plus$. den we play 3person de mahjong cos vonne went her boss de hse den lost 150$ den come back play with us. den throughout the whole night play mahjong. is abt 8-9 hrs of mahjong!!! hahah. walk fire into demon liao! although abit tired but still continue with the game. and at last luckily win back some money. i think overall for the whole day. i win abt 5$ bah. hahah. but yinghui ke lian sia.. lost 20$ like that. haha :)

my tiles. hahah.
taking singyee de WINNIEPOOH:)
crazy liao. hahah.
singyee say ' you still got mood to take pics!' hahah.

so... i reach hm at 8plus today morning and slept until 3pm den wake up watch lui zheng xin ren wang2 until 7pm. haha. so at night, actually wanted to study material tech den in the end fall asleep until singyee msg me. den sent her all the DH stuffs. hahah . so just now read through some ppt. but think cant rmb much also. but WADEVA. hahah. i think i wont pass the test anyway. tmr shall continue studying bah. hahah.

gisiang. andiloveMAHJONG.
*thanks vonne and her family for the dinner. thanks singyee for ur cup noodles and letting us stay at ur hse to play mahjong. hahaha:) loves.

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