Wednesday, February 27, 2008

tired out.

today is quite a tiring day.
ystd slp at 3plus den today wake up at 1plus. haha:)

eat lunch , started watching a new HK show cos got BOSCO, 黄宗泽 !!! hahaha:) another shuai ge!

watch 2eps and got to get back to work on my model.
DO DO DO ! do the whole day until now den finish.
den the stupid msn! arghh! I CAN'T SIGN IN!!! dunno why also.
nvm. think if cant sign in den i go watch my show loh. hahah:)
tmr going to ah ma hse to do the model agn.
this week is a busy week. activities has been plan for this week.
tmr- go ah ma hse do model
thurs- 4peace class gathering
fri- badminton match and dateline for model
sat- free , nothing on
sun- go sentosa with bestie
gisiang. andiloveBOSCO黄宗泽.

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