Friday, February 08, 2008

first day of CNY

just some little updates for new yr eve. hahha:)
one of the family of my relatives come to my hse to have reunion dinner. hahh. so the same old thing....STEAMBOAT. but also wad i like. hahahah. ABALONE, i am coming... hahah.
little steamboat. yummy! all thanks to my mother:)

today is the first day of CNY. so... HAPPY CHINESE NEW YR TO ALL! 2families of my relatives came to my house. so just simply CROWDED!!
green shirt for the day! i think today is the first time i wear so nice at hm bah. hahha. im wearing the new green shirt at hm!!! hahah. so cannot wear like top nice den the bottom is my hse too pants bah. so just wear those go outside de shorts. hahah. den when i bathe finish, my brother ask me where am i going ? .... hahah. DOTS.

the GREEN tee.

its new yr and i have been thinking since long time ago to make my nails. hahah. so that day just bought the sticker and so today make my nails in the noon. hahah. so so la. acceptable. hahah. comment on my nails? hahaha.
okays. so thats it for this first day of CNY! tmr going to my cousin hse! hahaha.


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