Friday, February 29, 2008


super sian! class gathering day for my sec4 class.
actually last min i dun feel like going liao. i think if me and singyee can shop at j8 better than go to the bbq. hahah:)
me and singyee meet up with louisure. den we are like the last few to reach there and we are the earliest to leave also. hahah.
me and singyee feel damn weird. reach there say ' HI! ' den smile smile. also dunno say wad liao.
den me and singyee just sit at another table. didn't really join the girls. really can't clique with them la. all along since sec3 already can't clique together den still have this stupid class gathering. dunno for what sia. den all the girls like laugh laugh laugh den left me and singyee there talking among ourselves. hahah. den the worse thing is .... when we leaving that time they still say want to take class pics!!! arghh! go crazy la. i also dun feel like taking. think next time de class gathering better dun go bah. sommore one of the girls still ask me why dun want to sit with the rest of the girls? den what she expect me to say. COS I GOT NOTHING TO CHAT WITH THEM??? since last time also not close liao loh. wadeva! just SIAN. but the food is not bad! hahaha:)
but SID02 will not like that loh. all very good de. hhah:) the best class i ever have! next time have class gathering also not bored de. hahah:)
leave le den go j8 shop shop chat at mac... den go hm
reach hm did the model agn. cos just rmb that haven do the cabinet all this. hahaha:) so cont' with it and finally done liao.
the most difficult to cut de window. tiring sia:(
finally done! a bit plain la. haha. but really take alot of time and effort de.
and.... yes!!! tmr is finally the dateline. hack care wadeva results i got for this! but as long as im done im happy! finally can watch my shows happily!!! hahah.
and.... next week need to work!!! so happy! finally got money coming in liao. or else damn broke!
kaekae. going to watch show for now bah. :)

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