Tuesday, February 19, 2008

omg! HMWK!

OMG! today is so dead. hmwk is chasing me! i got no other choice but to do it. hahah.
i slept at 4.30am last night. just stayed up to watch my show- ' du chang feng yun ' its so nice and exciting. one day can watch up to 10ep bah. hahah. electricity going to cost a bomb for my mother this month. think she going to KILL me! so today i'm left with just the last 5eps!!!
last night before i slept, i already think hao liao. today i going to watch my shows before i do my hmwk. or else i think i will cannot concentrate de. hahha. so once i wake up today, i watch my show. sit there from 2 to 7pm to watch. den at night 8pm finally start on my TRACING! hahah. so now 2.30am , and im finally done with my tracings. hahaha.
tmr 9am need to reach sch and is super early for me! and den super late den dismiss.
tmr going to have another round of steamboat at hm ! yes! hahah. abalone agn!
byepeepos. shall update tmr bah!
gisiang.andiam SHOWaddict.

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