Wednesday, February 06, 2008

new yr shopping !

this is just a random pic which i edit last night. hahah. nice? hahah.

this yr really dun have that kind of new yr feel. hahah. i think i too busy for this yr liao. so no feel to new yr. hahah. anyways, after so long de shopping, i finally found and bought my new yr clothes. haahha. i went orchard and bugis. both places didnt buy anything. den today initially went to bugis. is so packed. and i see so many people. at first saw rong, den sujun, den alson, den carling, den sherman and vincent. hahhaa. but also not all i know them de la. hahah.
den me and yinghui walk from bugis to city hall. went to marina sq, like a mango tee but didnt buy cos a bit tight den bought the other very very normal de. cos scared nv buy till any tee den just buy that in case loh. den wanted to help vonne buy her topshop tee but i got no money in bank liao den ask jon to transfer the money in the end his bank also no money, only got cash! sommor me and yinghui waited so long just for him to transfer the money. while waiting for him to transfer, i already bought all my shirts for new yr de liao loh. hahah. den went suntec just to buy cotton on de short. hahah.
chuck all my things at the sofa when i reach hm. ahhaha.
the white shorts from cotton on, black tee from mango and green tee from esprit.
i bought the green tee is cos my mum say this yr horse de luck not good. den first day of new yr need to wear green shirt. hahah. that's why i buy de loh. hahah. im MUMMY GIRL!
and this is the nail sticker which i have bought. i want to put this for my new yr. haha. going to make my nails tmr afternoon bah. hahah. my nails i have just painted for 2days den now remove again. hahah . put new colour. hahah.
okays. that's all for today bah. i just post cos i waiting for the stupid DH thing to sent through. is so big the file. the biggest file is like 138890kb , abt 138MB!!! imagine how long it will takes.
gisiang. andilove...

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