Friday, November 05, 2010

USS pictures time :)

I know most of the photos are already uploaded in FB, but I still want to post it over here.
Hopefully there are still some images that you have not seen on FB.
There you go!

Surprised  Singyee at HardRock Hotel,
thou' it's a failure because she knew it  that me& Jiaqi are going over.


Our arrival at Universal Studio!

Take photo with Singyee's   favourite panda

Queuing for rides!!!

Sitting in the super mini ferris wheel...

Having my brunch at some fast food restaurant while Singyee ate her Bday  Brownie from us!

Queuing for Canopy Flyer!

Queuing for some lame Dino-flying ride! Whahaha! :)

My favourite water-world show!
Characters different ... 

Here we go! Ancient Egypt.

Most bore area in USS, just like a dead city, Sci-Fi City.
It will probably be crowded only when Battlestar reopens.

New York City, with street dance performance and some other little attractions.

This is so damn FUNNY! Weekiat did a super funny action when taking this  photo!
I can never forget, we all laughing like hell :)))

Funny hats for us to try on and take photos!

Our 'lunch-dinner' at Loui's NY Pizza Parlor.
Gigantic Pizza with yummylicious soup!

Merry-Go-Round that Jiaqi never played before :)

Last round of some little photos   with those characters.

Fun time always past so quickly, so that's the end of our USS trip! :)

This should be a very memorable birthday to Singyee bah! :) Whahaha!
All of us had fun but at the end of the day we were really tired.
Thou this post was suppose to be out like early last mth, but whatever, I will continue to have many
super duper ultra late post!
I wanna blog abt BKK trip! :)

g s i a n g , w o r t h i t .

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