Thursday, November 11, 2010

I need to do my best!

I'm gonna for an interview in like 8hrs time. It might be the last round of interview for this week and also the last interview I've on hand! This is like the job that I'm wishing for. Time, pay, jobscope, location I'm all fine with it. Thou the location still a little bit far but still alright. I don't wanna choose anymore. I seriously hope that I can do my best for the interview and starting working soon! And, please stop asking me to wait for their response whether I'm in for the job! I've stop sending resumes! If tmr still fail then I've got to start sending out more resumes agn!!! Please let me pass the interview this time round!
Jiayou and best of luck to myself!
g s i a n g , I m u s t d o I t

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