Sunday, October 31, 2010

Where are the P I C S ?!!

It has been some time since i last upload photos! Actually there are a lot of photos I can upload but mostly are up on Facebook alrd, making me lazy to upload to bloggie. I wanna upload so next time still can track back because you will never know one day Facebook just turn out to be another Friendster! Another isolated website! Forever Alone~
But anw, i'll do some uploading soon. I'm still at the jobless stage and everyday just stay at hm watch drama! Whahaha! If there's nothing called money in our life and everyone don't have to work isn't it great? whahaha!
Hopefully can get a job soon anyway, going to be broke soon. Savings are finishing. And one day no job mean one day no good food for me! I'm dying to have good food! :(
And, I just change my blog song as well! Another nice korean song by F.T Island- Love Love Love. Enjoy! :)
Gonna sleep now. Tmr gonna explore more on 2AM new album! :) Time check 4.24 am.
g s i a n g , l o v e

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