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With a Pinch of Salt (WAPOS)

A special blog post just for With A Pinch Of Salt
It's a really cute dining place with very good service, serving cheap and nice food! :)
Check it out what they have, or what I had there... I went there twice already, and there will definitely be a third, fourth & fifth time....

Cute Menu booklet

Cute environment with many photo frames

Just by looking at the crowd, you should know how good the food is!

First trip down with Rayne, Chris & Fennie

Our side dish- Cheesy Fries, mad shiok!

Soup of the Day- Cream of Potato, really smooth and creamy!

Below are what we had, can't really rmb the exact names of the food.
Chicken Leg for Rayne

Corden Bleu- chicken stuffed with ham and cheese, this is for me
There is fried fish stuffed with ham and cheese too, that is for Fennie.

Snapper Pesto- Fish with some herb sauce

Cream Caramel

Creme Brulee

Last but not least, Choco Lava

All of us find it really nice and worth it and we will definitely go again.
Soooo, this second time we asked along Fify and Yvonne!
What did we had this time? I definitely try something different!

Chicken Leg for Yvonne, this time round the portion is slightly bigger!

Pork Cutlet with some sweet&sour sauce for Chris

Creamy is definitely me! Grilled Salmon with Cream Sauce, Yummylicious! :)

Sirloin Steak for Rayne, as always-steak, steak and steak.

Grilled Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce for Fennie

Banana Split for Chris, because she always don't like super sweet food!

And.....CHOCO LAVA for the rest of us!!! This is like a 'must have' dessert!!!

Enough of pictures, so my comment and recommendations?
Corden Bleu (chicken/fish):
 The chicken is too hard, I think the meat is like breast meat so not that great. But the Corden Bleu for fish one quite alright.
Snapper Pesto:
The herb sauce doesn't taste nice at all! Quite yucky! :(
Chicken Leg:
Chicken is tender, creamy sauce taste yummy! Apart of the chicken, it comes with potato which taste not bad as well! :) 
Grilled Salmon with Cream Sauce:
Super nice cream sauce. It's not just plainly sauce but it comes with mixed pea, corn and carrot. Salmon is also quite soft, not those very hard kind.
Grilled Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce:
Teriyaki Sauce is also nice but is more to the Japanese taste rather than Western. However, the sauce is a little bit little, so probably can request for more sauce.
Pork Chop with Sweet&Sour Sauce:
More Asian chinese food taste. I don't really like pork because pork is always the hardest. Good thing is it comes with fries! I would say it's a very average dish. 
Sirloin Steak:
No comments. I love beef, as in sliced beef but not steak! I don't like the QQ feeling but when it's well done, I will find it too hard! whahaha! That's why I never eat steak.
Definitely nice. We tried Cream of Potato and Cream of Cabbage. Both taste great! :)
Chessy Fries:
It will be a good side dish to share with friends. Crispy fries with cheese! It's only $6.90 for quite a big plate!!! Worth it! :)
Cream Caramel & Creme Brulee:
It's definitely not up to standard, but I wouldn't complain too much cos it's cheaper and it's not famous for that in WAPOS. 
Choco Lava:
Must try!!! Really! I would say it's heavenly nice! I don't find it too sweet for me! With the crispy baked brownie skin topped with the cooling vanilla ice cream....OMG!!! It's really different from those brownie with ice cream. It's that crispy skin that makes it different! And it's only $4.90!!!

It's not just about the food that is good, the service is also very very good!
We were asking if they served Cream of Potato on our second trip there, but for that day, the soup was Cream of Cabbage. We were thinking if we shld order soup and one waitress just gave us half a bowl of soup for us to try!!! Good right?! Which place would do that? 
Not just this...
Fennie's grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce was served last. And because she waited for quite some time, while waiting, the waitress served her a complimentary soup!!! Good right?! Really thumbs up for their service! :)

I swear i'm gonna have a Choco Lava everytime I go to WAPOS! 
I'm gonna try their pasta and also try ordering other side dishes the next time I'm there.
When will my next trip to WAPOS?

g s i a n g ,  l o v e W A P O S 

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