Sunday, November 07, 2010

Movie: Unstoppable

I went to watch 'Unstoppable' with chris at Cineleisure yesterday. 
Tickets were booked the day before. 3 tickets were bought, ended up just the two of us watching. Yvonne out of a sudden fell sick and couldn't make it for the movie. And worst of all is... I need her credit card to collect the tickets. She was so sick that she can't really move to pass me the card, so I have to self sacrifice and travel down to take it from her! We were supposed to have lunch tgt and turn out that I don't even have time for my lunch and still have to rush for the movie! Whatever it is, luckily we made it to the movie!
Had nachos with ice lemon tea while watching the thrilling movie!

Here's the movie trailer if you haven't catch it! :)

This movie is shown officially starting from 11th November, however 4th-7th November is the sneak preview period, so we kinda excited and chiong to watch it!
It's a really thrilling movie because you get to see all the different ways of trying to stop the train.
But something which I don't really like is that, in the movie they uses too much 'chim' words. Not as in i don't understand the meaning of that word but too technical terms for me to understand.
However, I think it's still worth it to watch and some parts is so exciting that i will mumble out 'wtf, shit, oh no!' whahaha! :)

C'mon, go watch it! 

g s i a n g , u n s t o p p a b l e d r a m a

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