Saturday, November 20, 2010

forever alone in the late night

It's 4.22am right now and I'm not on bed or in my lala land yet.
I just realised it has been quite some time since I last updated. The previous time like a week ago?!
Anyway, this 2weeks have been quite relax for me as I'm still lazing around, find jobs, send resumes, met agents, went for countless interviews...but it's really boring to travel around to meet all these people and do this and that yet there's no job for me. Everytime I went for a job interview, hoping that they would say that they will employ me on the spot, but however all this while it has been disappointments.
I hate giving myself hopes because I always see disappointments, but definitely life wouldn't be so unfair right?!
Tday I've got a job at Symantec after spending like almost 1mth plus going 2mths jobless. However, I seriously don't know how long can I survive there. I'm so afraid that I can't communicate with those angmos. Hahahha! But anyway on a happier note, I seriously don't know how the hell did I get in for this job or even why they chose me because I seriously just bullshit through that phone interview with that angmo. There are a lot of details that I'm still not sure about the job yet, have to find out a lot more from my agent on Monday.

And I just realised, I actually wanted to upload BKK pictures but........ok, i haven't gotten the pictures! I'm gonna get from Chris tmr!!! Upload soon and also going for Fennie's bday celebration later on! It's gonna be another fun day at MindsCafe and excited to have dinner tgt at Sushi Tei. Okay, I know i sound 'suaku' never go Sushi Tei before! Hahahaha!
That's all for the night, gonna have my beauty sleep!

Lastly, I've added a little stuff to 'about' tab. I want to add more but let me think what should I add. And I change my blog song again! Nice nice nice!

g s i a n g , i ' v e g o t a j o b
is everything gonna be alright?

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