Sunday, October 03, 2010

happy go lucky

tday went out to town to get presents with chris.
sooo happy today cos get the things i needed or to be done...
1) medicure and pedicure done!
love the colours on my nails and not gonna change it until i go bkk
2) new facial wash- ettusais pore care wash
hope it's good and can rescue my big pores
3) lip essence from ettusais
it's not a need, but i get it cos i find it cute, but i'll definitely use it. so not a waste of money right?
4) freebies from ettusais
i got $10 off my buys and get travel set gift with a mini pouch! soooo happy! :)

went to kaser's bday celebration at downtown chalet. i just went there basically to give present and eat cake! whahah! i only went like for abt 1 and a 1/2 hr and gotta leave for vonne's bday celebration at barrage.
but still........


i bought sushi earlier on at this shop in whitesands and bcos i reached late, the shop closed, and i didn't manage to collect my sushi! damn! and went picnic without those sushi... sorry vonne, i said that i'll buy the sushi but in the end.... anyway, hopefully rayne could collect it for me tmr so at least won't be wasted.
had a really simple night picnic. and get to see all the really beautiful kites with led lights. damn nice! :) played monopoly deal and poker cards. and all were really tired so went home abt 2plus am.
hope vonne will like the presents we gave! :)
thanks weekiat and singyee for sending me home despite being so tired... and congrats to weekiat, finally POP! :)

i think i'm now living as if i still got a job. whahah! :) but what's most impt is i'm happy (at least for now)!...
i'm seriously gonna find a job soon like nx wk, go whatever interviews if there's a need.
hopefully nx wk i can go universal studio with singyee, weekiat and jiaqi. please please! i wanna go tgt and have fun! :)

goodnight people, i will upload my new ettusais family members probably tmr. took a little photos during vonne's bday celebration. hope to get the photos soon and will upload them to bloggie again! :)

g s i a n g , h a p p y g o l u c k y :)

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