Wednesday, October 27, 2010


OCT 26TH,   i'm back from Bangkok.

things to share, hopefully it's not gonna be too long for you people.

it's definitely fun to go in a group experiencing different things like 4people squeezing in a tutu! but of course, there are negative points as well such as we need to buy different kind of things, our taste of clothes also different and we have to wait for one another. But going in a group is generally safer and cabbing fees cheaper, food ordered can have more choices! whahahah! :) overall, one word : FUNNNNN! :)

Flight: Tiger Airways
It's really BUDGET to the core... the seats are as squeezing as Jetstar, not much difference. However, it's the location of budget terminal and there's no travellator so have to manual walk to your gate number and go out of the place and climb the stairs which made us look like some super poor people! 'tui fei'~
Luckily, this time there's no flight delay! :)

Hotel: Budacco
It's super cozy just like a modern home room! All the necessaries are there. TV, refrigerator (everyday got free 2 bottles of mineral water), wireless within hotel, towel, hairdryer....the only thing they don't provide is bedroom slippers which I've asked for! It's a really small hotel. Each level comes with 6 different colours rooms, so you can choose your favourite colour! Me and Karen chose green, Yvonne and Chris chose blue but the room got a bit of ants so they requested to change room to purple! The purple room bigger la, with bench and cushion somemore! shiok! Service is good, offered to book for us the big taxi because we got too much luggage! Location....a bit ulu but it's super near to Pratunam morning market. Convenient to shopping area but not convenient for cab to turn in or stop for long. Food didn't try much. Only ate their carbonara pasta, a bit dry but taste was not that bad. OHHH...and they actually served us welcome drink-orange juice! Very thoughtful of them... Cheap and relatively good place to stay!

I've been dying to buy maxi that is not too long, just slightly below knee. However, I'm too choosy and in the end turn out never buy ANY single maxi when BKK is flooded with maxi la. And, I said i wanted to buy dress, in the end turn out buying 2 pathetic dresses which looks 90% similar! This is because we have some miscommunication so I didn't even know in the end i got buy another similar dress la! whahahaha! when sorting out stuff, i'm like saying 'this is whose? huh? mine? i got buy meh?' hahahaha! Bought formal wear and saw soooo many 'tui fei' clothes la! 'tui fei' clothes equals to picnic, kiteflying kind of tops. 'tui fei' is our own term! Whahaha! Shoes, bags and accessories didn't buy a lot. This time round not many nice ones.

Okay, i think that's enough for now. I'm like typing a compo already. Shall share more on my blog with the images after i've gotten it from Chris and Karen. But by that time, they must have posted it up to Facebook, so probably just share a bit more on bloggie with images and words! I'm tired also, gonna rest now!
Tmr gonna be another rotting day at hm, unpacking stuff, watch show, find jobs or whatever!!!

g s i a n g , b y e b k k    h e l l o s g

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