Wednesday, October 06, 2010

S U R P R I S E!

Surprise day!
Woke up early morning 8.30am, lying on bed till 9am, brush my teeth, change my clothes and walk to singyee's hse.
her aunt opened the door and tell singyee: 'gisiang.' then she was like shocked! whahaha! :)

singyee: 'what you doing here?'
me: 'give you advance present! '

whahaha! her face was classic like 'wth am i here?'...
gave her present early, thinking that it will be useful for her later in the day when she go Sentosa!
and, i walked hm. 9.30am reached hm.


out with Jiaqi in the noon to buy some facial stuff, collect stuff, buy clothes, buy her friend's bday present
and tday i realised the power of member card!
me and jiaqi actually had two main courses and one drink which came up to a total bill of $5.15!!!
whahaha! i used my 1-for-1 main course voucher and $9 rebate in the member card for hongkong cafe. cheapest meal ever! :) now gotta save a little, cos not working anymore.

these few days i've really been a loner! whahaha! i shopped alone while waiting for people, go collect things from dohby, collect paper from vonne... forever alone~
luckily got itouch or else i swear i won't travel alone!

anyway, i gotta sleep now. earliest night since i'm jobless. but of cos for nth i won't sleep so early.... another busy day! check it out...!
tmr gonna be another 'ding dong!' day. hope my plan will go on smoothly! another shocked face?! perhaps.

g s i a n g , s u r p r i s e  i s  f u n

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