Friday, October 22, 2010

In a MESS!

Tmr gonna go for the NTUC interview! Partial of me is hoping to get the job out of a sudden. Is it better to work design related or start smth totally new like admin? I'm lost and got no preference for anything. Based on my character, admin job is so me! Whaha! But anw, wish myself goodluck for tmr, still hoping that I will be selected!
Tonight had a awesome dinner at Ichiban with singyee and vonne. Beef noodles, gyoza, sushi, greentea icecream! Plus nice chat and long long time nv meet vonne so had a great catchup!
Supposingly I shld be packing my bag tonight, but no time so leave it to tmr afternoon to do it! Plans for tmr/later:
Go interview, go hm, lunch, packed luggage, rest, meet the girls for dinner at with a pinch of salt, go hm slp & prepare to FLY! Whoohoo!
Counting down. Just 1 last day! :)
My room now is in a mess with so many bags hanging, mahjong table, luggage... Gonna packed everything neatly before going!
And lastly before ending this post,
Happy Birthday Yvonne, danaiping! Whahaha!
Anw, I'm just left with 5plus hrs of slp and still dying to type this post with my itouch! Whaha! Goodnight people :)

g s i a n g , r e a l l y g g .

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