Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fly Off

Finally the day has came.
I've booked the flight and hotel on 15 August, so how long have I waited for this day? 2mths and 8days! Whahahah:) But got a sad news like tonight is that, Bangkok might get flooded on 26/27 Oct. And 26 Oct I'm still in BKK. It's dangerous. Why do I always have to meet this kind of problem? That time was red army and this time flood! Can please just let me go bangkok peacefully and happily?
Anw, I'm hoping nothing will happen, don't rain also!
I don't wanna type too much stuff bcos gonna sleep soon. I'm only left with abt 2hrs of sleep before waking up to prepare! Goodnight people. Please pray hard for me and my friends who are going tgt with me that we will have a safe and happy trip! :)

g s i a n g , f l y i n g t o B K K .

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