Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Tday was kinda lazy to step out of my house after days/weeks of rotting at home. But, I have to go out for an interview, in fact no really an interview, just to fill up some stupid application form from this agency. Anw, I'm kinda excited knowing that the job I'm going for is actually under Mediacorp. Maybe excited because it's smth so related to TV- my love. But as i said, not an interview, so gonna have a really interview with Mediacorp people hopefully next week provided that they select me. Sians. I hope i can work there, like fun!
After that job 'interview', guess what? I went to Central Mall alone, forever alone~ Whahaha! :) 
Go for?! .....

Get 'STICKY' ! Muahaha! :)

I'm now their member! Whoohoo :) But of course, i hope i won't be getting too much candies from there, or else i guess i will fat like a pig in a short time! :)
Anw, I really LOVED their watermelon rock! Even my family say it's nice! 
This time round wanted to get other flavours, but sad to more stocks! So all I can get is just Pillow Mix for myself and Rock Mix for Yvonne. I've got my Watermelon Rock last sat before going Minds Cafe for Yvonne's bday celebration.

Click here to check out all the different flavours they have in store! Try your luck at their store, because they might not have all the flavours! But you can preorder! :)

I've been troubling throughout the night thinking if i shld go for the Ntuc interview tmr!? But I've finally made up my mind- NOT TO GO! Instead of going interview, I'M GOING MALAYSIA, KLUANG with my parents, elder brother and his gf! Whahaha! :) It was a super last minute decision and just bought my bus ticket online! I'm so happy, because I can have my Bak Kut Teh tmr! Yummy yam rice and Youtiao soak in B.K.T! And and and..that's not all, I'm gonna have my favourite KAYA BALL! It's extremely nice, esp when it's piping hot! :) Yummy!!! I didn't have it for at least a yr or more, so long never went back! :) I'll try to take some photos if i can! 
Okay, lastly, my counting down....
3 more days to BKK!!! Is it time to pack luggage?!



C'mon let the time fly please!?

g s i a n g , i l o v e S T I C K Y

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