Friday, June 26, 2009

Today went to sch for attachment briefing.
So go with Huifen to the same company.
Located at Defu Lane, Mon to Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-1pm.
Pay $550!!! I guess this is the only good thing cos heard that $550 is the most among my classmates. But have checked on the company, we are going there to do FURNITURE RENDERING. Is sian one lor... Thought we will be able to do some interior work. And the worse thing is rendering using 3D MAX!!! which I totally don't know how to use! Hahahah:) Shall die there. And very FORMAL kind of formal wear??!! Has been talking to Huifen abt attachment for quite a lot of time... Hai..
We, as in most people from my class, went to Kbox today! It was really fun la! Hahahah:)
It was a planned belated celebration for Rayne. But very last minute plan cos very busy for pass few weeks. Just bought present for her ystd. And another surprise for her today! Hahah:) Cos until very last part then we brought in the cake. And a lot of unglam videos, unglam pictures....
But I don't have any of them now, will get it soon.
I got to say, today is such a 'Gossip Girl' DAY! Super bitchy! Right girls? Dancing was fun uh?
Thanks for all the contribution & participation! Hahaha:)
So, Happy belated Bday, R. Hope you liked it:)

After that, shopped around, dinner...
Met Singyee at Prata House have my dinner with 2pratas! Chat at voiddeck till 12plus am then walked hm! Fun chatting:)
That's all for the day.
Enjoy days before attachment with shows!
Prepare things before attachment!
Rest well people.
Enjoy Attachment, girls & hope we can meet up often!

gsiang. andilove myClass:)

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